The Brief
I approached this as a complete visual identity system. 
Prime Buyers needed to differentiate itself as a trusted real estate investing team. 
The system included a visual identity (which became a word mark), an alternate logo, business card design, letterhead/envelope, and style guide. 
The Concept
Initial sketches start to take shape.
As the process continued, two marks stood out. So I built them out, analyzing both directions thoroughly.
At this point, the client approved the bold serif italic typeface contrasting with thinner san serif type over the slash concept. In experimenting with colors, the client wanted a green shade. Also, I experimented with small graphics to dot the eye. 
The Style Guide
When all was finalized, a style guide was put in place that ensured a consistent and striking brand.
Only two font styles are used for the logo: Museo Slab Italic and Avenir Medium. 
Museo Slab is a robust slab serif that consists of 6 typeface widths: 100, 300, 500, 700, 900, 1000. Each of the 6 type widths contains italic versions. Likewise, Avenir includes 6 typeface widths: 35 Light, 45 Book, 55 Roman, 65 Medium,85 Heavy, and 95 Black. The huge variety of font weights and widths will ensure immense flexibility, and consistency for the future growth of Prime Buyers identity.
Avenir is the primary font used for the logotype/logo wording and body text.
Museo Slab is to be used as the standard when stronger emphasis is needed, such as in: stationary, website design, brochures and all forms of general correspondence.
CMYK   C71 M62 Y64 K62
RGB   R45 G48 B47
HTML   #2D302F
CMYK   C79 M5 Y100 K60
RGB   R37 G170 B14
HTML   #25AA0E

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