Day 08 / Sparked
Day 08 / Sparked #thirtylogos challenge Sparked is a video game news website featuring the latest news in all video games, esports, and tech...we're looking for something that works on a dark background...uses orange, red, or yellow and features a spark, fire, flame, etc. Follow for all thirty days.
Day 07 / Austin Run
Austin Run logo is a large running event that happens once a year in Austin, Texas...the logo style could feature the Texas state shape, a landmark that represents Austin, something that represents running, or even just a text logo
Day 06 / 1800 Rosebud
1800 an online flower shop which sells bouquets of flowers and gifts for any special occasion...looking for a logo that represents a flower or flowers along with our name, 1-800-Rosebud. We're open to any colors but prefer something warm over cooler colors (blues, black, etc.) Since this logo also features our phone number, the wordmark needs to be legible at large and smaller sizes. Finally, it does not necessarily need to be a rose, but roses are welcomed as well.
Day 05 / Wildlife
Wildlife is a non-profit organization that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals throughout the world...Similar to the the WWF logo, we would be happy to use one animal to represent our brand or several...We do require a stand-alone icon for the logo that can be paired with text, although text is not required for this stage.
Day 04 / Ping
Ping is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams...What sets us apart is that we offer major features like group screen sharing, free of charge...Our logo needs be text-based, focused on the word Ping. Feel free to explore icons that are aligned with the name but the name needs to be included.
Day 03 / Twitchy Rabbit
Twitchy Rabbit is an email marketing platform similar to MailChimp and Twitchy the Rabbit is our mascot...redesigned into a more simple, iconic form that we can use across our products...small size around 50x50 pixels for icons.
Day 02 / The Grind
We're a small coffee shop chain located in Seattle, WA...The Grind prides itself on natural and local ingredients...So many coffee shops around here use brown and we'd like to stand out. Maybe oranges, green, other earth tones, etc. could work well..
Day 01 / Space
Space is building coworking offices so that freelancers and small startup companies have a stunning office to work out of without paying the big bucks to buy or lease a large building. For the Space logo, we want to capture the idea of a personal, modern, and fun shared office space. We would be open to some kind of icon or using the text "Space" to represent the company...
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